Home Business Internet Marketing – Tips

With technology pervading into modern lives, it’s simple and free for anyone to use home business internet marketing for their online business. This type of marketing is an effective yet low cost tool for your business as well as a fantastic addition to your marketing campaign. Using the correct tools can help to improve and raise awareness for your business. To leverage on internet marketing, you would need to understand how it works.

One powerful method of home business internet marketing is internet forums. Do hang out at the forums where your niche is in. Useful and constructive comments will garner some attention from potential clients. Active participation will allow you to have a strong following or even fans which can help boost your online marketing efforts. You can also put online advertisements by placing your website links in newsletters and articles.

Another good method of home business internet marketing is content marketing, writing quality articles for the niche you’re in, the possibilities are endless. You can submit your content to article directories, web 2.0 sites, and social marketing sites like Delicious, Reddit, and Hub Pages. All of these sites allow you to post a link back to your website, driving traffic.

Social media is also another good tool of internet marketing. Linking them to your website can boost your business. Never underestimate the power of social media platforms as they can help you drive traffic to your website and eventually gain more sales in the process. Social media is an awesome way to complement your website as they provide a more personalized platform for your clients and fans to relate to your business. You can also synchronize the colors, themes and styles of your social media page and website so that readers can identify them to be from the same source. A useful and good post can go viral within hours, exposing your business to millions of readers all at the same time.

The secret to successful home business internet marketing is to take charge of your marketing campaign. Manage it like your new career or a new business setup. It is crucial to have an online marketing strategy where you plan what to use to market your business on the internet. There is no shortcut to the road of internet marketing success. Along the way, you would learn through the trials and errors. It takes a lot of hard work action, execute your plan and stay on track while maintaining the momentum. With these, you should be well on the way to home business internet marketing success.

The Top 5 Reasons Businesses Fail Online

Consumers and businesses now rely on the internet to research and make purchase decisions yet many businesses are unsuccessful at connecting and converting these interested buyers. Most will create a website, some will dabble in online media or create a Facebook page but get average results. Or even worse some businesses are going out of business as they have been too slow to adapt by integrating online into their business strategies. So why do so many fail yet some excel? What does Australian business need to focus on to get it right?

At Google I witnessed some of the largest retail brands fall behind even after years of us sharing the insight and trends that should have guided them to better adapt to serve today’s customers but many failed to react quickly enough. Of course there are some exceptions but generally speaking it’s fair to say the Australian retail industry has been behind the 8 ball!

From my experience of working with businesses of all sizes I have concluded there are 5 main reasons businesses fail online:

1. The business strategy is broken in the first place!

Evidently businesses start with a business strategy as without one they would not have built a business in the first place. But things change and over the last 10 years markets and consumer behavior have shifted significantly. The internet has lowered barriers to entry for any business to sell in your territory and consumers have discovered the power of the internet to research the best option and get the best deal. If you don’t have the best offer consumers can easily find out.

How does this impact your price/value proposition? Does your business have a sustainable competitive advantage? Are you still chasing the right customers segments?

No matter how good your website is if your value proposition is not compelling people will hit the back button and probably never to come back. With price transparency enabled by the internet you can no longer rely on price as a differentiator which then poses the question of how you add value in other ways to deliver a superior customer experience.

2. An absence of digital leadership

I guess this is no surprise when you consider the leaders of most established Australian businesses grew up in a time before the internet. They have got into their position based on their knowledge and experience of what works but the problem is what works today is different to what worked 10 years ago.

But to transform the way businesses operate to serve tomorrows customers requires a clear vision of what success looks like in 5 years time and to doggedly drum in this vision to its employees. The problem is that the online expertise often sits with more junior members of the organisation who cannot influence or guide a business’s multichannel strategy. The leaders are entrenched in what always worked and cannot see the wood for the trees to understand the role of online and how to invest their website and social channels as an asset.

This lack of digital expertise at a senior level leads to poor online strategy and one which is not owned and evangelised by the leaders of the business. Things are changing but for some businesses it’s too little too late.

3. Poor resource allocation to online channels

‘We need a Facebook channel!’ but what is the right social strategy and who manages it? ‘We need to use data to make better decisions but who has the knowledge and time to analyse the data. ‘We need a better website’ but what is the right investment to achieve an outcome that truly delivers?

It seems the approach to online is like ticking boxes but without fully appreciating the resources and investment required to have success and more importantly do it better than your competition. The reality is doing any component of online effectively requires human resources as well as the right technology platform to get the results and this leads on to my next point.

4. Choosing the wrong 3rd parties

Now I am not saying it is easy to select the best 3rd party as there are so many out there but you need to know what price point you are looking at to get the best value solution for your needs. Beware of slick sales pitches and also providers that seem a lot cheaper than anyone else. The mistake I see businesses make is they go for the cheaper website or an SEM service with a lower management fee.

With most services effective delivery requires man hours, so what you pay is what you get. Do your research and speak to industry experts to ensure you are choosing providers who can deliver on your objectives and so you know when it is worth paying more to get the desired outcome.

5. Organisation structure and how success is measured

This is two points in one because they are inter-related. Too often I have seen the online channel working as a silo in multi-channel retail businesses. Everything is therefore measured based on the online sale rather than appreciating the role the website plays to drive sales through other channels such as phone calls or people in store. Businesses continue to blindly invest in traditional media with no real means of measurement while more targeted and cost effective online media is held accountable to the online sale therefore undervalued. This ultimately leads to a mis-allocation of marketing funds and a lower return on investment.

Best Way To Start Your MLM Business

The key to a successful MLM business is the start of your MLM business. Most people who end up quitting their business usually quit because they don’t get off to a good start and do not see the profits coming in early. Putting in time and effort with nothing to show for it frustrates a lot of people into quitting before they even get their feet wet. Here a few tips on how to start your MLM business;

With technology today it is essential that you find yourself an internet coach who has a proven system that will get you quality leads on line. With the systems of today, using an on line coach who has credibility will get you high quality leads who are network marketers and they will find you. When a lead actually contacts you about network marketing, this person is serious and ready to build a business. This is the most important part to getting off fast when you start your MLM business.

Building a website is the next crucial step when you start your MLM business. With your website you will be blogging, writing articles that have good content to attract those quality leads. Without good content your blogs will be boring and not very attractive to potential prospects. Once you get good at writing articles, you will learn how to use keywords, back links and search engine optimizations (seo). This will move you up in the search engine rankings such as Goolge. All three of these things that I just mentioned will be taught to you by your internet coach and his system. This is how you start your MLM business if you want to succeed.

Social media is another vital step in building a successful business. Facebook, Twitter, and many more sites will enable you to get your name out there so that those quality leads will find you. This is critical when you start your MLM business because billions of people use these sites every day. Again, you will learn all of the tricks and angles about social media when you find that right internet coach who teaches these systems.

So the bottom line when you start your MLM business find the right internet coach. You will have a complete business because this is what a good coach teaches, how to build a website, how to use social media and how to use the internet. In fact, if you find the right system on line, it will build you your own website without you worrying about it and it will be very professional looking. It will keep you from struggling trying to build an amateur website that you probably have no idea how to do. So get yourself the right coach and your business will prosper if you apply the training that he/she will provide and don’t be afraid to invest some of your money in doing so.